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And here we see the beginnings of tyranny. You do not like the results of the election, and election which is valid and final by all the laws and constitution of the U.S. So no you begin to try and subvert the process, try and rig the system, it is OK because you are right. You cast aside all illusion of democracy and fairness and say this is the way it most be, because we the masses have spoken. Never mind that those masses comprise only 2 to 3 states, nor that it doesn’t represent the entire state just the densely populated cities. It does not matter that throughout the election you cried out that a civil society cannot exist without regard to the minority opinion, that the right of the majority is oppression of their voice. None of that matters now, you are threatened to see your castle you have been building fall to the waves, and therefore you must stand, you must fight. I could point out the failed logic in several point here, but will just address one to show that it can be done, then go on to close;

Ian Miller made this statement regarding the bush Term:

Yet, while this disappointment was undoubtedly shared by Democrats in Washington, they also knew how to resist President Bush in a democratic system. Rallied by Leaders Harry Reid (D-NV) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Democrats killed Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security (in response to lawmakers who wondered when Democrats would release their alternative to Bush’s proposal, Pelosi famously responded Never. Does never work for you?”). Democrats highlighted Bush’s failed response to Hurricane Katrina, and they largely united in opposition to the Iraq War.

And then this statement regarding Obama’s term:

But in the early days of the Obama presidency, Republicans set out to undermine the very system that allowed the new president to govern.

One he hails as a hero for stopping the crazed republican president, The other are labeled obstructionist who are stalling the efforts of the heroic president.

The methods used were the same, the difference only the part and core beliefs thereof.

Hypocrites Unite, bring down democracy, for the only truth is what I believe.

Must be nice to be a Hypocrite and a Self Righteous at the same time.