Free Speech Monomania In Support of White Supremacy Has a Long History
Mike Caulfield

Anytime I hear someone talk about protecting freedom of speech by censorship for the good of the many. I am reminded of how the NAZI party truly rose to power. They did so initially by controlling the media, and then they began the banning of books and literature, and finally started the censorship of speech. I know you will argue, but we are talking about hate speech, really well who then gets to decide what is hate speech? If you want to prosecute cyber bullies, people who are inciting violence, people who make threats, I am all for it, and there are existing laws to cover it. But to say we need to ban a particular group whether they be white supremacists, Black Lives Matter, LGBT, whomever, based on the fact that their beliefs might offend someone even a majority, is the very definition of censorship, and flies directly in the face of any argument for protecting freedom of speech.

And you speak of hate and censorship of speech, but you only approach it or portray it from one side of the spectrum. How many people have been shut-down in their speech recently because they don’t follow the guidelines of the politically correct? How many have been labeled racist and bigot, just for disagreeing with the current narrative. If you doubt me and can be truly honest with yourself just look around at pretty much any article. Yes you will find comments from the white racists and bigots, but you will find just as many that condemn anyone that doesn’t pledge to the narrative.

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