The Electors Trust

“ But so long as our Constitution vests in these citizens this extraordinary power, we believe they should be supported as they seek in good faith to exercise it. The Electors Trust will support them in that.” Lessig
 The problem with this is that you assume the constitution guarantees this because of a statement made by Hamilton, but Hamilton only pointed out that there was no requirement in the constitutional amendment to follow the voice of the people. The flip side is that there is no guarantee to their free will either; this was left up to the states in their sovereignty to decide. Stop trying to add a legal twist where there is none professor. I do not know the law nor do I need to, to know that if it is not explicit stated then it is merely your interpretation. As far as electors not being known, I think that is a good idea, but should have be in place not just to protect them from backlash, but also to protect them from undue influence of the tyrannical majority, which is exactly what we see today. You speak of injustice, but only if the injustice is to your side. You are currently seeking to actively undermine the intent and purpose of the 12 amendment which was to guarantee equal representation by state and to prevent the tyrannical majority. Do you remember these pieces professor…?

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