Why Everyone On Earth Should Be Loudly Opinionated About US Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin; I have been following you for a few months now and while I usually agree with you, I find somethings you keep harping on with regards to America a little annoying. You talk about Americas influence as a super power alluding to the unfairness of it all, while at the same time deriding the electoral system within our government, that prevents just such actions by a tyrannical majority. The fact is there is no true democratic country anywhere in the world, every country having a form of democracy, has also facets of royalty, imperialism, etc. America is not a democratic nation, it is a republic of states that practice democracy, and they are not the same thing. 
 You began your article talking about the atrocities committed in Afghan by Australian troops then went on to describe the theory that the CIA and MI6 staged a coup of your government, I can only surmise that this is some attempt to create a bridge between the two to state that if not for America this never would have happened. But if I remember correctly America’s presence and that of the allies in Afghan is in direct response to the 2001 attacks of Al Qaeda group whose was at the very least receiving quasi protection from the Afghan government at the time. I do not doubt that atrocities have been committed; in fact I almost guarantee it. Atrocities have been committed in every single war since the beginning of time. But to lay it all at America’s door is just a little much.

And before you or someone starts with the comments regarding a thin skinned American, who thinks his country can do no wrong, to disillusion you, I know my country can do wrong, I have lived long enough to have seen it. We have more than once, interfered in another countries governmental affairs, just as the left leaning American public has been accusing Russia of doing to ours. Our troops have been responsible for atrocities during war; we have made more than one bad decision in our history, and will continue to make more. As for our healthcare system, at one point America had among the highest quality healthcare in the world, but that has slowly been declining. Do we need a form of national healthcare, yes, but only if it is single payer nothing else will work. The current democratic solution put the burden on the middle class and is currently imploding. Also unlike, you description of most Americans I have Travelled abroad, I was actually born in Germany to a military family and held dual citizenship, I have lived in Japan as well, and have spent time in Canada etc. I can tell you based on my experience I would rather live in America than anywhere else I have visited; Germany has a slew of issue, even after the berlin wall was brought down and is in no shape to pass judgement on anyone. Canada and England both struggle with their healthcare and no quality healthcare is not as readily available there as they would have you believe. In fact if I had to leave America I would probably seek entry to Japan as being the best alternative right now.

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