I am a liberal and I am confused about why this is such a huge deal?
Charles Tyler

I am independent conservative, and actually find the whole thing laughable. I mean where the democrats actually trying to turn their party into a circus troupe of hypocrites of what. Let me see they have spent months complaining that Trump was even elected. The first argument from a party that says they are against tyranny was to try and establish that Trump wasn’t the legitimate president because the majority of voters did not vote for him; their majority vote comprised mainly of two large metropolitan cities L.A. and N.Y., which is exactly the definition that Alexander Hamilton (A Name I heard used by Democrats quite often between November and January) used when describing the “Tyrannical Majority” and the need for conscientious electors? When this ploy failed they then tried to subvert the sovereignty of the state, by influencing electors outside of their respective states in direct violation of the intent behind the establishment of the electors, even Lessig could not deny this, although not spelled out the intent is made clear by the fact that at the time the electors were not to meet nationally but within their own state (Since there was no telephone or internet this requirement meant that they were secluded from influence from outside their sovereign state. Then came the marches/riots within the cities, and the intolerance that was and still is being shown by the party of tolerance. Now we have Russia gate and the infamous meetings, and the constant lies by the Trump administration, without a single word mentioned regarding the donations by foreign interest to the Clinton foundation, and the fact that it has been proven beyond a reasonable persons doubt, that Clinton ran a pay to play scam while acting as Secretary of Defense (How else can you explain the emails from Clintons personal assistant regarding donations and scheduled meetings with Madame Secretary?). Speaking of emails and lies, how about the emails maintained on a private server by the secretary and of course the preceding year of lies regarding them?

The left has spent the last 6 months deriding the presidency of Trump, describing him as an idiot and unfit to lead. Guess what I may even agree with you, but when you sit and say that Hillary was a better choice that is where your credibility leaves you. Hillary was as bad as Trump in every single way that has been mentioned in any post on this thread regarding Trump. The fact that many honestly believe this is what I would find scary.

The worst part, the left does not even really grasp their share of responsibility for Trump being elected.

Just one final note before the name calling begins; it is ironic, that the left was so worried that the right wouldn’t accept Hillary’s win, that they would lash out and try and derail her presidency by any means possible, because we all know that every single Trump supporter is a Bigot, and a Racist.

p.s. Anyone who believes any current politician from either side or in the middle represents them, is delusional. They are all the same, they are out for what benefits them and them only, you mean nothing, you have no rights, you have no voice, unless it can somehow be turned into a generator for cash or power to them.

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