“Why Won’t She Behave?”: The Demand for Hillary Clinton to Apologize
Susan Bordo

I find it interesting that whenever someone disagrees with a pro Hillary post they are automatically labeled as a troll, delusional, misogynist, racist, bigot, etc. But yet you fail to admit to a single point of fact, and tend to ignore those that do not fit you narrative. Hillary Clinton (or at least her campaign) did communicate and collude with the DNC during the primaries, regardless of the source of the infamous hacked emails, how can you or any sane and logical person deny the truth of the evidence and still say you are being honest. Then there was the home-brewed server; no I have heard all the arguments of the pro Hillary side, but the fact remains whether you buy into the fact that her actions based on intent did or did not rise to the level of criminal intent, those actions at minimal would have resulted in sanctions (Loss of Security Clearance, loss of job,etc.), again this is a fact not supposition or partisan politics or any other label you might try and apply.

Now you say everyone demands an apology, when there is nothing to apologize for, sorry but I just listed at least two instances where Hillary regardless of intent, was to any sane and reasonable mind in the wrong. The issue that you choose to ignore is not that anyone demanded an apology, it is the fact that every single time she was asked or confronted on these issues, she lied and failed to take responsibility for her actions. That is the story period. While there are definitely misogynist in the world who would love to see her fail, and more then likely even some misogynists who actively work to ensure she fails, that is not in the majority, and it is a really poor defense.

The fact is that what cost Hillary the election was not her actions that have received all the attention, it was not the fact that she didn’t apologize, it was the fact that she at every turn refused to accept responsibility.

As a closing note: I keep hearing from the left how the right refuses to see reason, refuses to cooperate, only responds with hate filled rhetoric. But unfortunately that is not the case, go outside medium at any point and look at the posts on boards from the left. Have you forgot the last election already? Again I have heard your statements regarding the right; but what of all the comments made during and after the campaign? Anyone not supporting Hillary was labeled a Deplorable, a Bigot, a Racist, compared to the Nazi party etc. It is easy to set in your ivory tower and cast stones, but how many of you are truly hones enough to admit the truth, which of you truly believes in compromise and working together. So far what I have seen is what I saw the last eight years, a “My way, Or the highway” attitude.

Did you not even wonder why she lost so many of the independents, she even lost the rust belt.

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