I do not doubt that the cops are capable of using sexual assault as intimidation and punishment and…
Tammy Marie

I have no love for DC police, and cannot for the live of me figure out how they supposedly have this great reputation. I sent 8+ years inside the beltway, and went to DC twice. I usually avoided DC especially the mall area specifically because of the MPD. They at least at that time, were rude, and aggressive, showing no respect for the people. I also can agree with you regarding the forms of protests, but will state that while a protest can be angry, it must at all times remain peaceful. Violence, property destruction, and disruption tactics are not forms of protest they are crimes; Assault, Vandalism, impediment of free movement and/or trade and disturbing of the peace to be exact. If the planned protest it cannot and the people who organize it have a good idea that the anger will not be contained to peaceful demonstration, then they should be held liable. I am sorry this is not an infringement on anyone’s first amendment rights, as I also have a right to attend an event without fear for my safety, or my property. This has happened too often in the past few years; In my line of work we have planned and unplanned risks and mitigation plans, this means we asses and evaluate the inherent know risks beforehand. Now if a business can do this, it is not unreasonable to expect the organizers of these protests to do so. I agree that the feasibility of this is out there, and may be hard to do, but something needs to give. And sorry I don’t buy the we didn’t plan, we didn’t know BS, again this has happened with an almost regularity recently.

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