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Kaitlin; I do blame the liberals for the mess that was created at least as much as anyone else, The liberals are just as responsible for Trump being president as the republicans. When you are only ready to accept absolutes then that is what you get. I am an independent I don’t believe in either political party, they both represent extremes and absolutes as do those who conform to them. And get this straight I have preexisting conditions, that while treated are something I can live with untreated can literally kill me. I was not for the ACHA, specifically because of the preexisting and the fact that it frees the insurance companies to start the trek back to limits. That being said I wasn’t for ACA, it was ill conceived and did not provide proper funding and controls, yes it gave things but there was a cost for each and everyone. For most insurance rates doubled, plan benefits were slashed, etc. Now I understand that for those who had nothing, and got something from it this was great. The problem was that it shifted burden to others. The fact is ACA is imploding even the core democrats have admitted that. I feel for her as I do for myself the preexisting sucks, but to lay it at the feet of the republicans alone is BS. As for your statement regarding people making it political the author herself is blaming the republicans, and it was posted on what is basically a political forum. Personally I blame both political parties for the current state of affairs. As for the Authors plight, I feel for her and would be willing to do anything I could to help her.