First, this election was for all the marbles.
Dallas Dunlap

Voter suppression laws; I keep hearing this, please name one law that prevents the right of a US citizen to vote. Other than those were someone has committed a felony, which means that they lose their rights, as they have violated the rights of others, that is also an old law not new. There is no voter suppression in requiring that someone prove they are a citizen, our laws specifically state you must be a lawful citizen to vote or run for office. Therefore it is perfectly logical to require that they are a legal citizen.

Did you have a problem with the democratic Governor of Virginia pushing through law right before the election to restore the right to vote for all released convicted felons?

Further she would not have won in the states that flipped anyway that would have just added more to her popular vote.

Where is your outrage at the push for illegals to vote in the election, for anyone who is not a US citizen to vote?

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