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It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America,

What exactly pray tell was the ACA, if not a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the poor? Also how do you even conceive of a transfer of wealth from the poor? If they are truly poor, then they have no wealth to transfer. The fact is if nothing is done the ACA will fail, pretty much every one with any knowledge of the systems involved and economics has said so. 
 I do not agree with either solution that has been offered and have written to my representatives regarding my lack of support. But this is not just a republican issue; if nothing is done ACA in its current form will slowly break the back of the middle class and possibly be the end of company sponsored health care programs. The costs continue to skyrocket and all the democrats are doing is burying their heads in the sand. Sorry Obama but your legacy like political rules cannot stand before the welfare of the people. There will need to be changes, and for those changes to become reality will require compromise from both sides. Liberals if you want national healthcare you have one choice everyone must pay, either in premiums (Individual policies) or taxes (Single Payer Government Healthcare). Republicans you lose too, either provide government subsidies to help defray cost based on income, or pay it in new taxes no more BS from either of you, nothing else is acceptable. As for quality of care it will either be the same across the board (Single Payer), or other than life sustaining and preventative it will be based on individual policy, and you get what you can afford. You see how this is going, if we don’t change our way of thinking healthcare in America will continue to erode and insurance costs will continue to rise, until there is no healthcare for anyone save the Uber rich.

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