Yes, Stefanie, I think that is pretty in line with the findings of these studies.
Michael Baharaeen

Wow amazing you said that you did not believe racism played the perceived role, then turned around and quoted LBJ. But keep it up, this is the same thinking that lost the election for you in the first place. Further you were correct on some of what you wrote regarding the concerns of the White Male American, but you kind of missed the boat too. The concern was not and is not immigration it is illegal immigration, something every country including Mexico has laws against and enforces. The fact that you label it as immigration is part of the disconnect, but it is not a disconnect of the Trump supporters but your own conscious disconnect from the reality of the situation. Off-Shoring or Out-Sourcing of jobs is anther concern this is more complex of an issue, as it involves not just the movement of jobs oversea’s, but the movement of a workforce between countries through Visa’s and H1B (Just a note here: my issue with this is Canadian Professionals as much as Indian, Chinese, Etc. And what is really funny is most of them cannot believe that America just allows them to come here and work, to them it is ludicrous that we allow foreign citizens the benefits of our economy.).

The fact that you may believe the majority of people voted for Trump because he resonated as the one to fix these issue is cute. No, sorry no one who voted for Trump believed truly he would solve these issues, no one term president would ever solve even the simplest of these, and believe me most knew when they voted he would be a one term president. The fact that you intelligent people of the left seem incapable of understanding is that people voted for Trump simply because they did not and would not stand for another eight years of progressive PC feel good policy, that did nothing for the country at large. Racism and Bigotry are a two way street, you do not have to be a minority or poor to be subjected to it.

I am an independent conservative white male. When I first started reading your article, while I did not agree with everything, I was impressed that you actually had the courage to challenge your own beliefs. If I had left it at that, I would have “Liked”, your article and went on. Then I started reading the comments, where you make a complete about face on what you stated in the article.

Finally just a point, there were more than a few minorities (Black and Latino) that voted for Trump, but for some reason every single article or post on the election and democratic loss seems to ignore that little tidbit of information, as it does not fit the narrative.

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