“…so long as our Constitution vests in these citizens this extraordinary power, we believe they…
Donna Benenson

Yet this is what electors who try and remain faithful faced in florida:
“For a couple days I was getting 1,000 (emails) a day … I lost control of my email,” said state Rep. Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, an elector who was Florida co-chairman of Trump’s campaign. When Gruters began sending automatic replies explaining he would not change his vote, one emailer responded: “You’re what’s wrong with this country. May Donald Trump one day rape your children…”

Jeremy Evans, an elector from Pensacola, says he called the Escambia County sheriff’s office after one caller who used a private phone number read Evans’ home address to him and told him a “special package” would be delivered there.

Bernstein, a Palm Beach resident, said her inbox has been filled with emails urging her to dump Trump. Bernstein said she’s received phone calls as well, including one from a woman who threatened to publish her contact information and demanded to know “how I could, as a Jewish woman, support Donald Trump.”

If you want to paint the story paint the whole story, these electors are being threatened from people from other states even a clear violation of the states sovereignty. But hey nothing matter so long as things go the way you want?

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