Boomers Thinking Of Voting For Clinton Should Take a Deeper Look

It may be hard for many of those we call baby boomers to remember exactly why they began to champion the causes they currently claim as their own. Old age has a habit of diminishing one’s brain, especially if that person’s life has been devoted to the stress of politics or commentary disguised as journalism.

Harder too may it be for some to recognize that a new, younger generation, with new, better ideas is a few years away from electing Libertarians to office across the country.

For several weeks, elected Democrats and those of the media who side with Democrats have taken an unexpected turn to challenge, but not by name, third party candidates. In a desperate plea to a younger generation, they suggest that only with their groomed and primped candidate can we expect a better future.

But we’ve heard this before.

As many Boomers across many publications suggest about millennials, I, a millennial, understand completely why they may support Clinton. They are a compassionate generation, having grown up as natives of the Civil Rights Act and those who protested American involvement in the war in Vietnam.

It must be painful then, after all this time and after such a humanity-centered young adulthood, to realize that those problems that remain today are a result of the Boomer generation’s legacy of carelessness.

Imagine having spent the valuable years of your adult life creating a government that would, through entitlements, care for you through your less productive years. Imagine creating a government that would give billions to corporations you could profit off of now, and spin the debt as a good thing necessary for a vibrant republic.

Unfortunately, millennials can no longer be fooled.

Don’t judge us by our duck faces on Instagram or the semi-nudes we share with each other on Snapchat. Don’t judge us by our acceptance of imperfect celebrities and embrace of racial diversity. We have paid attention.

It was under the Democrats and Republicans, both led by Boomers, that we expanded our empire into the Middle East. As we come to the age you were in the years of Vietnam we make the same request: Don’t send our loved ones and friends to battle over petty politics.

It was under the Democrats and Republicans, both led by Boomers, that a near supermajority was only able to pass a law geared toward subsidizing insurance. We, the young and healthy, were convinced that paying more for insurance we don’t need now was our duty to society. It just so happens that the benefit of our paying more now was more affordable insurance for those of you entering your feeble years.

There is a reason our Democrats and Republicans elected two completely untrustworthy, self-obsessed politicians for President, they perfectly represent the generation now telling us, after years of paving the way for an elderly welfare paradise, that they’ll support our causes.

Only if we sell our souls to the worst of what your generation represents will you pay for our education, will you ensure that those who came here to work can do so legally, will you tell us that our votes are essential instead of chiding us for turning out in such low numbers.

You have left us with an economy that is broken and a recession we still seem to feel the effects of. You left us with a government at its most untrusted in decades, and an election within which no one, not even the Boomers, seems to have much faith in our future.

All of this, and yet when we choose to vote for a candidate who stands for what we stand for, you suggest that we are in the wrong?

Millions of people are using things they already own to make a living thanks to the sharing economy, developed by the younger generations. Your response? Ban and regulate those opportunities.

Millions of us, the most comprehensively-educated generation in American history, have realized that if any of the benefits you built into our government are going to last for us to enjoy, we must make change now.

Your response? Nominate two politicians who refuse to discuss changes to anything the Boomer generation can benefit from over the next 4–8 years.

The fact is, we know that our future is in our hands. We know who got us into this rut.

This is no time for you to tell us which choices are the best choices to make. This deficit, these candidates and our entire predicament are the effects of your choices.

It’s time to suck it up and let us lead the way. It’s time for a candidate who trusts that the future generation of this country can lead us to a more prosperous, equal and satisfying American Dream.

Sit down and calm down grand-dad; we’ll take care of you. All we need you to do is stop making this mess any bigger.