Understanding US politics circa 2017
Michael B. Wong

I enjoyed reading this — thanks for putting it together. I do have a thought/question.

I’ve heard it referenced and read that political parties will flip throughout history. For example, the Republican wave on Reagan was particularly focused on his ability to recruit a Southern culture growing less fond of Democrats.

These moments always seem to come after intense periods of partisanship. With the internet, and the wide variety of partisan media, do you feel like the current tensions may break into several more prominent political parties?

i.e., would you see there being more support (even if not dominant support) for Libertarians, Green Party, etc.? I assume that’d lead to coalition-building like that in Europe.

Many folks in my line of thinking mention that the President has absorbed some responsibilities from the legislature. Perhaps working with several political parties outside of the current duopoly will allow the legislature to gain an upper hand through the Trump administration. — Similar to how markets correct themselves after a period bubble with a recession/depression.

Thanks again! — NPJK

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