How fraternity parties descended from Victorian-style Waltzes to today’s booze-fests
Stephanie Buck

I enjoyed the article, and recommended it.

Overall I think you describe it all well. I would like to add; however, that colleges and universities have attempted en masse to serve as the “programming” arm for their students.

In many ways, pushing fraternity parties underground has only heightened the clashes between fraternities and schools. Whereas they were historically accepted as the social outlet of colleges and universities, they are now considered taboo or inessential, which only heightens the drive to be taboo and “essential.”

I think the relationship is unnecessarily strained, and it would make more sense, from my perspective, for colleges and fraternities to work to address the laws in question and their relationship. The heavy focus on student programming increases the cost of attendance for all students, not just the ones who wish to engage with “college life” while they learn.

Just a thought. Thanks for writing this up!