A Call for the Abolition of Greek Life, from Former Sisters of Chi Omega
Gabriela Bonfiglio

I understand where this story comes from; I tend to write the opposite.

Still, I don’t think abolition would solve those organizational vices which lead to the problems we face in fraternities and sororities. We are a unique combination of associations, government and higher education, and it’s unlikely for abolition to effectively occur.

That said, I think there are far too many fraternity and sorority members who believe that one must be with Greek Life (I.e. using the same talking points as national orgs and campus pros) or against it. There are few activists within Greek Life working their organization’s political process to enact change, and that’s a shame. It also plays into the fear-building, any threat to how things are done is played as a threat to the national and a source of shame.

Still, I hope that you all consider encouraging intra-organizational activism. More students and alumni need to learn how their fraternity/sorority leaders are elected and consciously work toward goals to improve the Greek Life machine…it most certainly is a political machine.

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