The Blue Dog Democrat is Dead. Replaced by the Establishment Republican.

I remember learning about Blue Dog Democrats in junior high. They were the scraps left over from the pre-Civil Rights Act Democrats, which means they were Democrats honest about their intentions.

They didn’t care much for gun control, they didn’t care much for gay marriage, and they weren’t afraid of oil. In many ways, Blue Dog Democrats are much like the establishment of the Republican Party today, which explains why there are almost none of the former left in Congress.

This fact is made all the more clear by Jim Webb’s dismissal from the Democratic Primary for President. The party has gone so far left, that actual socialists are running for the presidency of what was the birthplace of modern capitalism. There is no room for those with different attitudes from the Democratic platform in the Democratic Party.

That said, those people still exist. Republicans, eager to collect socially conservative votes all while expanding Medicare, Social Security and the government in general as much as their Democratic counterparts are no longer the case for conservatism.

Conservatism does not include the growth of the debt ceiling, federal involvement in criminal law or an opposition to immigration. If you want to know where the Tea Party and popularization/normalization of libertarianism came from, it’s social conservatives and liberals recognizing that they hate big government, and that a party for people like us doesn’t exist.

There are now four parties in U.S. politics:

  • The Democratic Socialists: Barack Obama laid the groundwork for the rise of popular big government, Elizabeth Warren and the Bernie Sanders Campaign.
  • The Corporatist Democrats: Hillary Clinton runs this camp, who sneak socialist policies in by funneling cash to private companies. (Oil subsidies, green tech subsidies, bank bailouts, auto bailouts and endless war). Obama played a part here too, sending more arms overseas (and to our enemies) than any other President.
  • The Blue Dog Republicans: More formally known as the Establishment Republicans. Here lies Jeb Bush, John Boehner and Donald Trump (today anyway). These are Republicans who are most concerned with funneling cash into the military, and are okay with funneling it elsewhere too so long as they get their bucks.
  • The Tea Party/Libertarian Republicans: These are the folks who oppose big government at all costs. They rely on grassroots networks as all other networks were built to oppose them. They are the most Jeffersonian of all political parties.

The Blue Dog Democrat is a dead breed, but that doesn’t mean its ideas are gone. In fact, there are now 3 major parties in the U.S. that would suit many of the needs of a Jim Webb.

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