This weekend I’ll

  1. Start phone banking daily for Foster Campbell with my roommates, and keep it up until December 10

2. FINALLY grow up and purchase my own subscriptions to the NYT and Washington Post, because these journalists are fighting to keep us armed with information. And still somehow manage have a sense of humor about it

3. Pledge to register as a Muslim if Trump starts a registry.

4. Trump sent his supporters this survey to get their input on his 100 days. And he’ll get my opinion too :)

5. Read all the articles I’ve opened in the past few days and haven’t yet read — to get informed and fired up for the next few weeks. Congress is out next week for Thanksgiving, so we have some time to fill up their voicemails once, then strategize. This list is long and not particularly well curated, but need to drop them here because my browser keeps crashing from tab overload.



for realsies:

one I couldn’t yet bring myself to read:

worth re-reading:

Some California lovin’

deep breath and:

6. Drink some good wine with good people.