This first one is actually kind of fun.

  1. Hit Breitbart where it actually hurts — ad $$
  • Go to Breitbart.com and screenshot the ad of an advertiser next to some of the offensive content on the site (don’t have to look very far)
  • Tweet the screenshot + a polite note to the company and ask them to pull their advertising dollars from a misogynistic, racist, hate-filled fake news site
  • copy @slpng_giants on your tweet so they can track progress on the campaign

It actually works!

2. Call the White House & Attorney General to brief the Electoral College on Russian interference in the election before Dec. 19 vote

WH: 1–855–999–1663

AG: 202–514–2000, press 4 to comment

Keep trying if it’s busy!

3. Sign a petition

4. Ask FB to add reminders for all election days

5. Good reading