Continued silence from the president on this hate crime. Links at the bottom to donate to funeral & medical expenses for the victims. Donated on Friday but this one is still on my mind.

  1. Three calls (to each of my MOCs) to ask them to speak out forcefully against Trump’s egregious waste of taxpayer money on his lavish weekends
  • Capitol switchboard: (202) 224–3121

Details from 2hoursaweek.org:

$60,000 in overtime pay a day for local law enforcement officialsevery time he visits Mar-a-Lago = $2.9 million annually at the rate of two visits a month
$500,000 dollars a day to guard Trump Tower, or $182.5 million annually
$1.5 million dollars a year for the Secret Service to rent a floor of Trump Tower, which goes directly into his pocket
$100,000 hotel tab that taxpayers covered when his sons travelled for business — that’s $1.2 million annually if they travel once a month.

2. Celebrating a win in this past weekend’s Delaware special election!

3. Watching the murder victim’s wife speak about his love for this country