Beers for Baby

From 2014–2015, I spent 6 months in Sintra, Portugal with my wife and 4-month-old son. It was like nothing we’d ever experienced, and I can say with confidence that it’ll be like nothing we will experience again. Will we go back? Sure. However, those 6 months are something I wouldn’t trade even for a case of KBBS.

Whatever decision I make in life, I try to think about what “experience” will come to fruition after. Many decisions made complete themselves in nothing at all, and I’m not being hyperbolic. Choosing to sit at home and spending your remaining hours of wakefulness in front of a screen provides you with what? For some, you will spend this time educating yourself, which is commendable. However, create the time to make choices you’ll remember.

The bottles in the image are from a brewery in Portugal. For a country that makes some of the best wine in the world, their beer leaves something to be desired- but don’t tell any Portuguese people you know that though- they are very proud of their lagers. While in Portugal, it was the first time I had seen a bottle with a rubber top. I guess it eliminates the problem of not having a bottle opener. I shared these 4 beers with two good friends that visited from Colorado and my wife. We drank green wine (a young wine popular in Portugal), ate a variety of cheese from nutty to pungent, dried meats on top of dried meats and so much Milka. These beers, although probably not anything special, in that moment were some of the best I ever had. My son now has these decorating his room- he needed to learn his ABC’s somehow.