Knowing your passion is more than being just a Buddha

When it comes to passion there’s a lot of information out there both free and paid; it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and rightly so its recession proof. In the past months I have read quite a lot bout “Look inside yourself to know” or “Dig deeper” or “Questions that will help you know your passions” and a lot of that stuff.

Well, I don’t condemn it, good if it works for you but it doesn’t for me and it doesn’t for a bunch of people out there. It’s more like reading a daily horoscope that you forget in a couple of hours or days as you go back to the grind.

So here’s the thing, you’ll never find your passion by reading those books, I don’t think so. I read a lot of them and I never found a single passion forget finding it the plural form of the word. I think finding a passion is not really a destination, it’s more like a journey (no, not inside of you — its outbound). I know it sounds philosophical but here’s the thing, you got do a lot of things to know what you’re passionate about. You have to flirt with many ideas in multiple sprints to understand what makes you tick. It’s not like what they say — Passion should get you out of your bed every morning. No! Waking up late is a habit and is not the best way to evaluate your passion index. You may wake up late nights or stay up wee hours of the morning working behind a laptop or reading reports. Who knows, only you do.

This may sound like a rant but I thing every passion-idea or thought is a cue for action. You have to take action and several of them to validate your thought. Whatever it is you have work a lot harder to know your passion by doing this or that or a mix of things to help you validate it. Excuses such as you don’t have time or money won’t help, it’ll only keep you away from it longer and end up making you restless. Challenge yourself, try doing things and stop thinking about them and making it more complicated and difficult for yourself.

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