You should know that there is an elegance called Hepburn

She is an elves fall dust, an angel sent by God. Shaping her life countless classic screen image, was named the third “Greatest actress” by American Film Institute. She wore the wedding dress over a few times on the screen for a role, but twice in her real life as well. Perhaps women should learn this kind of Hepburn elegance. Her beauty will never die.

In 1948, Audrey Hepburn starred in the movie “The Netherlands seven class”, so she started tightly bound to movies.

In 1952, starred in the film “Roman Holiday”, as “Princess Anne” and won the Best Actress of Oscar. Hepburn wore a short hair in the movie, which bring a hot trend of short hair to the world.

In 1956, starred in the musical comedy “Funny Face child.” She had to wear a white silk puffy skirt, bow veil, soft and touching.

In 1960, Hepburn starred in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she stopped in the front of the show window, looked superb beautiful. Little black dress, pearl necklace, high hair, which have became the most classic image. Since then, Hepburn became the top fashion trend.

Hepburn wore the wedding dress for twice, the first time she selected high neck puff skirt, neat tailoring, sweet and lovely look, short hair, white rosette, fresh and charming. For the second marriage, she wore an elegant little white dress, revealing simple elegance.

Fashion magazine “VOGUE” once won 29% of the vote, named her as the champion of “the world’s fashion person”. “ELLE” also named Hepburn as “the most beautiful woman ever”. It seems that the whole world not only a man but even a woman can not find a reason not to love her.

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