You’re also failing to mention that women commit violent and sexual assault crimes less frequently than men… And when they do commit sexual crimes, they are likely to be less violent.
What does this have to do with the morality of women, when men are the ones who decide the prison…
Jamie @ The Doer Co.

As stated in the article, “women get shorter sentences than men for the same crimes, and are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.” Men often do not report when they are victims of domestic violence by their female partner (here are some reasons why), and when they do call, they do not get help, as cited here — even though they are at least as likely to be violent towards an intimate partner, as cited here.

I don’t think either sex is better than the other — that is not even the point of my article, as I say in the conclusion: “This idea of which sex is better is a false dichotomy because in the end, we both need the other. To ask who is better, who has done more, doesn’t benefit us at all.” The point is, feminists need to stop seeing men as the enemy, and recognize there’s good and bad on both sides, and the good on both sides need to start working together.