Can’t agree with you.
Vladimir Metnew

it’s not about “one more material design implementation”, “same components”, etc. It’s about what is more convenient and suitable for your project. Some of material design react libraries force you to use exact css implementation. Actually if u look closely to this list of md implementations, they are not so good. At least one is deprecated. Material ui is using inline styles, and people complain a lot about performance and about being mobile adaptive. But they are moving to next version with JSS (as far as I remember). react-toolbox — you have to use css modules. As I said it’s about what is more convenient for your project. I was not able to find an appropriate material design react library until I found this. It is not mentioned in such kind of articles or list like you linked before, but it has to be, so people can have an alternative. If look closely it’s great, just give it a shot

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