The best kind of Web

This is one of those little things that I wish I have done sooner.

I am aware that the business model of Facebook is to extract as much of my data about me as possible to then have leverage over it and feed it to various advertisers who can make use of it. Yes, you can delete Facebook and try get rid of this problem all together, even though sadly you can’t even do that as Facebook will still track your identity even if you do not have an account through the so called web of relations. Privacy is great but what is more valuable for me, is my ability to focus on what I do.

Facebook distracted me. The biggest value to Facebook for me as it currently stands is the ease of sending a message to a friend. I couldn’t give up this utility and I did want to keep a Facebook account on the off chance that I might actually use it. Besides I am pretty open about myself already through sharing my knowledge and notes in an open way + I am always aware that whatever I type into Facebook chat is permanently stored in a log somewhere in a server. Given this, I wanted the ability to message my friends instantly (without having to send an email) but not use the news feed or any other distraction that Facebook provides.

The solution to this was simple but I have never really cared to do it. Until I did and loved it.

Here is how my Facebook looks currently if I do decide to go on it :

No news feed. No glaring white background. Only ability to send a message or use a Facebook group (which are actually quite useful).

Turning off the news feed can be done by following through instructions here. Getting the night theme can be done by installing Stylish for your browser and then just finding a theme you like from the list. For Facebook I just use the first one you get as result when you search for the site :

In fact I have styled all of the websites that I can to use night theme using this plugin.

Here is a list of all of websites and what themes I use for each one with a link to a theme I use.



Hacker News




Stack Overflow





Khan Academy







Python docs

And of course using Wikiwand as my wiki :

And in the cases where there doesn’t exist a Stylish theme for a website, you can use this extension to have all websites have night mode with a toggle on/off switch. It works surprisingly well and helps when using the internet at night.

It really does make for a better browsing experience, in my opinion.

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