Why people tend to ignore their true desires that might make them a bit, but happier in a long run?


Well, the whole new story starts for me…. Actually if you’re looking for some advice or something like this, than your can just close this article and move somewhere else because literally all what I’m gonna do now — is to share some emotions, experience and maybe doing a couple of conclusions. Still interested? — Let’s go!

What the hack it is about?

Ummmm… I guess you haven’t noticed but anyway, it’s the first post in my blog. I’ve decided today to sit in front of my laptop and start typing some shit. But I was around that decision for months before. And what I want to discuss, maybe even analyze — is why I’ve not started till today despite great desire? And what’s more important — why people tend to ignore their true desires that might make them a bit, but happier in a long run?

Something about me.

Before I move to the main question of this article, let me introduce myself a little.

Well, my name is Nikita and I’m from Russia(there I want to thank my English language teacher, because this sentence was trained thousands of times during classes in school). Currently I’m around 17 years old, I love coding, designing and writing. I’ve been learning English language quite a long period of time in school and on extra lessons but due to pointless educational system and lack of personal desire I could hardly use it. But, around year and a half ago I’ve decided to study English myself and I think I’ve progressed since then.

And do tons of grammar exercises.

I used to write different stuff on Russian language a lot and as I mentioned I love it but I still couldn’t push myself to start a blog. When I noticed first progress in English, the desire to try myself writing some serious things on this language was born(because on the way of learning it I’ve read tons of blogs). So, it’s great challenge for me. (Actually please correct me in comments if it’s not difficult for you).

Now, when you know a bit about me — let’s return to the point of the article.

TRUE Desire conundrum.

What is TRUE desire?

I’m gonna reflect on this question through the lens of my personal experience. TRUE desire — it’s something, that you want to do and what would really bring meaning to your life and as a result happiness. It’s quite simple.

Why most people struggle noticing their true desires?

Well, here’s the key point — it’s not really obvious. For example in my case it was emphasized, but It seems like I was blind so I couldn’t notice it. The thought about starting writing on English visited myself constantly. Time to time I returned to the point, that: “Wow, It would be good to have some sort of blog where I could leave my views and feelings”. But, I’ve just not taken it serious, I have more important things to do! ALWAYS!

And here the problem comes up. Most of our time, we unconsciously think about what we really need but we don’t pay attention to it. So, we’re not really focused on ourselves.

Ok, I’ve a bunch of different desires, how to figure out which one is TRUE personally for me?

Hey, I have a concrete and direct answer here! Congratulations!

So, that’s the pattern that has been applied on myself. I’ve noticed it and created a comprehended plan.

  1. Do something, that you struggle to do. It’s usually routine work that time to time makes you pissed off. In my case, that was a hobby that I really like in general but which sometimes annoys me(because certain part of it is routine work(I hate everything what don’t demand creativity, so I hate routine)) — it was coding.
  2. When you’re gonna be quite tired and annoyed, than your mind would do everything for you. It would try to find some distraction for you. Most time it would be useless, shitty ideas like surfing social media, but here you should watch out, don’t agree on such cheep, short-term distractions, wait for more! Than, it would definitely offer some meaningful alternative. Remember it! In my case, it was writing the shit down somewhere and sorting things out, in your — it would be maybe something different.
  3. I’ve asked you to remember the meaningful distraction your mind offered you, now you should repeat two steps above. And repeat it as much as possible, until you get clear statistics about what your mind tend to wish to offer you as a replacement instead of unpleasant routine.
  4. The thing(long-term, it’s important) that would be constantly given you by your mind — is particularly what you may miss in your life and most likely it’s your TRUE desire. Now, you can enjoy it!

Conclusion — it’s a conundrum solution! (Yeah, I’m fucking awesome rapper).

Actually, I promised at the beginning to not give any advice but I tricked you.

I’m gonna be very concise here. Why people tend to ignore their true desires that might make them a bit, but happier? — Because they are not properly focused on themselves and they don’t take unconscious desires serious(although they most time represent particularly what the person needs).

How to notice TRUE desires? Well, try to follow my plan, but I guarantee nothing!


(Sry, but now I’m gonna behave exactly like your grandmother).

Dear, thank you very much for reading this. It’s inspiring for me. I would like you to subscribe on my blog and hope you are not regretting now about time you spent.

Also, I want ask you to do me a favour — write a comment please about what you read. Feel free to correct my broken English. Remember, each critical comment would lead me to improvement!

Ty, have a good day! =)


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“I write to discover what I know.” — Flannery O’Connor #Follow=100%🔙

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