#CareerConvos: The Best Career Advice I Ever Got: Do It Yourself

I made a post on LinkedIn last week about the best career advice I ever received. In talking to people who commented on the post it took me back to that era — that time when I was fresh outta school.

The feeling of graduating and becoming a professional. The few weeks between getting my accounting degree from The Ohio State University’s Max M. …

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Nikki Winston, CPA in Atlanta, GA before the COVID-19 pandemic pivoted us to 100% remote work.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on LinkedIn recently from people wanting to move up but not sure how to get there. Specifically, people trying to take steps now to get noticed, to get promoted, and to progress to the next level in their careers. I give career advice on LinkedIn all the time but this week it seems everybody wants an answer to the same question. I’m sure there’s some of you wondering the same thing, how to get ahead, you’re ready for a promotion and all that.

Don’t wait for a new year (or who would’ve thought a pandemic) to start thinking about these things — make this an ongoing conversation. The first step is defining what “get there” means to you. Get where? Where are you trying to go within the organization? Is there a specific role or job title that you are targeting? Why do you want this role? How does it fit into your short and long-term career goals? This is one of those situations where I have to answer a question with a question — with many questions because it’s important to be clear here so that you’re not going down the wrong path. So let’s unpack this question that I‘m asked every single week on LinkedIn. …

The CARES Act Impact on Households and Small Businesses

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Loans and stimulus payments to manage through COVID-19.


Given our current situation which seems like a scene out of a movie, households and businesses are looking for ways to shift focus and operate in an unfamiliar way. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new wave of entrepreneurs who are maximizing this #QuarantineAndChill opportunity. It has also created more moments of panic for entrepreneurs and businesses who never thought of or prepared for something like this and the adverse impacts it would have on their businesses.

In response to COVID-19, the CARES Act — The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act was enacted by Congress to provide assistance to small businesses, households, and even our freelancing friends who are usually excluded from things like this because of their 1099/contractor status. …


Nikki Winston, CPA

Ça counting Instructor | Host of The #WERKinMommas #podcast | #Career Convos | My playlist is DOPE | @NikkWinstonCPA on IG & Twitter

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