New Year, New Me…at least when it comes to work and dating!

People always ask at the beginning of the year, “What’s your New Year resolution?” (I’ve even been guilty of this too). Well, I have the perfect resolution that includes a hard swipe left in life and dating.

I usually don’t make resolutions, but after the year I had in 2015 I thought it was necessary, my dating and work life (more on my work life later) needed to be re-evaluated.

I was a dating machine last year — I was a Tinder savant and also tried and (What? I don’t want to die a cat lady). I went on at least 20 dates…which doesn’t sound like a lot…but, when you go on 20 dates and have 2 short relationships, that’s impressive. And I should mention that 2015 dating was down from the 50+ dates I went on in 2014.

You’re probably wondering, “What is your New Year resolution?” It’s to be a little more selfish, to say “no” and not date so much. I know this sounds ridiculous…but, I was giving every creep the benefit of the doubt and I was saying “yes” to everyone who asked me out — even if there were red flags in conversation beforehand. I didn’t want to feel like I was judging them before I actually knew them, like I was being shallow or mean….well, someone should have slapped me and told me to judge away. So what dating experiences did I have that are now making me re-evaluate my life…I’m glad you asked:

· I had a guy tell me everything I did/said was “stupid”…literally EVERYTHING

· I had a guy make me cry on the first date (technically not his fault, I cry during Oprah)

· I had a guy, that after 6 months of dating, tell me he just found out he had a 3 year old child (no, this wasn’t an episode of Maury, this was my life)

· I had a guy stalk me on every social channel (even after I kept blocking him and telling him continuously I wasn’t interested)

· I had a guy find out that I went on 3 dates with his friend and proceed to tell me he couldn’t have his friends “sloppy seconds” (uhhhh, IT WAS 3 DATES…RUDE)

As you can see these guys were probably, as I like to lovingly call them, “a joke” from even before the first date. I just ignored all the red flags. And don’t worry; I promise I will go more in depth with these dates — they’re actually too hilarious not to talk about.

I figure if I actually follow through with my New Year resolution and date less, I will interact with a lot less of the above stated individuals, the individuals that make me want to see a therapist and the individuals that make me want to swear off guys in general — I know all guys aren’t love assassins, or so I hope?!

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