First, let me state some fun facts.

  • In 2017, the average person had 80 apps on their smartphone — but, only used half of those apps on a monthly basis.
  • The…

Do push notifications increase retention? Hah! I spent the first 10 minutes of my morning disabling push notifications AGAIN from my phone (because apparently app ‘updates’ = resetting my notification settings?).

I am not alone, apparently. Andrew Chen said it best: “notification-driven retention sucks.”

In all seriousness though, push notifications…

Not just when you’re developing or marketing a product, but through every stage of the customer lifecycle.

(The Customer Lifecycle. Please let me know if you know the source.)

It sounds simple — but it’s not easy: talking with your customers through every stage of the customer lifecycle. …

Announcing the Customer Obsession Mastermind Workshops

As some of you know, Alaura Weaver and I have finally, officially launched our Customer Obsession Mastermind, and we are so excited by the response!

I mean, I know I’ve had quite a few people say “Hey, why don’t you do your own Mastermind group?” …

If that was the challenge, could you do it? Would you even know where to start? And could you keep your momentum up the whole way, positive that you’re making the best possible choices?

Well, if you can — then you should be teaching this Mastermind instead of me! (Seriously…

You might see, or hear, that I’m leaving — the innovative marketing content stream that is co-distilled by marketers. It’s true. I am. It’s a cause I believe in (better content for all! Hand-picked!), people I genuinely like, and a community of peers I respect.

It’s like one of…

It’s exactly the right time to hole up with a good book.

There’s nothing like spending a quiet summer Sunday morning reading by the pool, in the park, on the beach, or in the hammock in your own backyard. …, a community I was part of both personally and professionally, recently announced its end, after a lengthy decline.

There are plenty of people who saw this coming, but are still saddened to see a vital part of the content marketing world go away. I never felt anything negative about…

Taking Instagram photos is my hobby. In this series, I post a few photos on Friday that I recently took.

Why does it take burning out before we say no?

I didn’t realize until my late 20s that boundaries were a “thing” you could set. That you could tell someone “no.” …

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

B2B SaaS Consultant. Go-to-Market Strategist. Product Marketer. Community Manager. I help launch products.

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