Ten Inspirational Growth Hackers in 2014

People who have helped shape how I think about growth hacking.

Not only are these growth hackers inspirational because of their contributions to online businesses, but also because of their contributions in a larger sense — they are just great people to know. I am continuously humbled by everything I’m learning from them, whether it’s about growth hacking or not.

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1. Everette Taylor

Everette is leading growth at GrowthHackers.com and working on the marketing team for Qualaroo.

He’s also been privileged to work on growth marketing projects with United Way, celebrity author Neil Strauss, Moblized, NFL player Brandian Ross and his clothing line Unity Over Self, among others.

He’s currently spending most of his time focusing on user acquisition for GrowthHackers.com and developing creative ways to continue to push the community forward while adjusting to the California lifestyle and always staying true to himself.

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2. Hiten Shah

Hiten is the co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.

He helped coin the term “growth hacker” with Sean Ellis and Patrick Vlaskovits.

He loves starting and growing businesses and is eager to help others do the same.

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3. Jim Gray

Jim is a data scientist and the founder of Ioseed, which builds tools to multiply the capabilities of small teams, tailored to the specific needs of smaller audiences.

Their current project is ShareConvert, which helps busy teams run conversion-focused social media feeds.

He maintains a professional blog and is active on Twitter.

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4. Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln goes by many fun titles — but his current focus is on being a Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight.

Since 2006, he’s directly helped over 600 SaaS companies optimize their growth.

He’s contributed to, written for, or been featured in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, Sandhill.com, GrowthHacker.tv, OpenView Labs, Read Write, ChiefExecutive.net, SoftwareCEO, Venture Beat, Venture Hacks, and ZDNet. He also keeps an up-to-date blog at Sixteen Ventures.

In his free time you’ll find him enjoying yoga and bubble tea.

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5. Morgan Brown

A full-stack marketer focused on growth, Morgan has spent the last 14 years building audiences for startups and brands alike on the Web. He’s part of the GrowthHackers.com and Qualaroo team, and leads growth efforts for Inman News.

You can follow him on Twitter, or learn more about what he does at FullStack.it.

When he’s not tied to his computer he loves spending time with his wife and two kids (7 and 8) who he adores more than anything. In his rare spare time he loves reading and learning as much as he can.

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.

R. Buckminster Fuller

6. Rachel Ergo

Rachel is the Chief Strategy Officer at Inturact.

With over 10 years of direct and agency-side business experience, she’s helped more than 50 startups and SMEs develop and deploy the necessary strategies and tactics to reach their growth objectives.

Her specialties include customer acquisition and development, lean startups, disruptive business, digital agency strategy, marketing consulting, sales and marketing alignment, digital program development, business development, marketing automation, buyer persona development, inbound marketing, content marketing, conversion optimization, go-to-market and channel strategies.

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7. Ryan Hoover

Ryan got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a pre-teen managing gum-ball machines at his father’s video game store.

Then he grew up, worked at a failed gaming startup after college, moved to Silicon Valley to join a 10-person team that grew to 120, and experimented with his own startup ideas along the way, one of which seems to be working.

He’s the founder of Product Hunt, a daily leader board of the best new products, and an EIR at Tradecraft where his team trains smart people in sales/BD, UX, and growth.

He also writes about startups and product design with essays featured in TechCrunch, The Next Web, Forbes, and Fast Company.

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8. Sean Ellis

Sean is the CEO and Founder of Qualaroo and GrowthHackers.com, and the first marketer at Dropbox, Lookout, Xobni, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO).

He coined the term “growth hacker”, and devised the startup pyramid which is widely recognized and referred to as an industry standard.

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9. Shana Carp

Shana is a product marketer specializing in products that deal with data. She is the co-founder of Bayesian Witch, a tool that allows content marketers and publishers to test titles for blog posts and articles automatically for maximum clickiness and shariness.

She has a deep love for conversion optimization techniques, and using Python as an Excel replacement.

In her spare time she likes to cook and bake.

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10. Violeta Nedkova

Violeta likes to say she’s always hacking things. She writes about startups and growth at BeTweet (which she founded) and SuddenlyCEOs (which she’s a fan of).

She’s also a serial community evangelist: currently enjoying Growth Hackers, Product Hunt, and Somewhere.

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