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Announcing the Customer Obsession Mastermind Workshops

As some of you know, Alaura Weaver and I have finally, officially launched our Customer Obsession Mastermind, and we are so excited by the response!

I mean, I know I’ve had quite a few people say “Hey, why don’t you do your own Mastermind group?” over the years, and I thought “sure, that’d be nice,” but I didn’t expect so much support.

Check out what some of our colleagues said on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

“Nichole is the realness. A woman WELL worth knowing. She is brilliant at cultivating communities and getting people engaged…Anyone who cares to look can see how amazing you are at getting people to pay attention to what you’re doing. You’ve built an amazing network for yourself. I’m confident you could do it for ANY business.” — Joel Klettke

“The great Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré is now accepting applications into her mastermind for SaaS founders. It’s called the Customer Obsession Mastermind. _almost_ ‘nuff said. imo. more detail here:”Joanna Wiebe

“So stoked to see two powerhouse SaaS experts team to create THIS. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré and Alaura Weaver THIS is genius!!” — Prerna Malik

“Sign up for Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré & Alaura Weaver’s new Customer Obsession Mastermind. Looks super cool and I can vouch that these ladies know their sh**. 🙌🏻” — Lucia Fontaina-Powell

“SMH. So sorry you had this experience. The audacity of some people… The truth is — your expertise for $500/mo is an absolute deal. Anyone who doesn’t realize that value hasn’t checked the scoreboard. Keep soaring! 🚀” — Ross Simmonds

And we aren’t just receiving support from people who want IN (if you’re one of them, we’re taking applications now, you can apply here!), but people who wanted to help us deliver even more value. (Thank you, everyone!)

For our live 90-minute workshops, we’ve got…

TaliaGw, “CRO Goddess” — Founder of GetUplift and conversion optimization specialist is hosting an hour-long workshop for us on all things Landing Pages (with live landing page reviews).

Marcel Folaron, “Project Management Aficionado” — Program Manager at Google and Founder of Leantime, who created a 90-minute session for us all about identifying, planning and tracking product goals (and communicating them to stakeholders).

Sue Duris, Customer Experience Diva — Co-Founder/Director of Marketing and Customer Experience of M4 Communications, who’s going to teach us a technique for improving sales by 50% (and decreasing time-to-conversion and time-to-first-value intervals).

Carol Luong, Startup Skyrocket Scientist — who runs Operational Growth at Leadfeeder, who will tell her story of the 15-month journey they took to 5X Leadfeeder’s ARR from $500K to $2.5M+.

Val Geisler, The Einstein of Email Onboarding — Email Marketing Conversion Copywriter and Strategist, telling all about email marketing today — it’s the highest converting form of digital marketing, but only if you do it right.

Amy Middleton Hebdon, Paid Traffic Magician — The founder of Paid Search Magic, teaching customer-driven marketing strategies for paid campaigns that will fool-proof your launch and maximize your returns.

It’s like The Power of Community SQUARED!

It’s been surreal, in a really good way. We’re creating this new, intimate, hyper-focused, ultra-supportive community of SaaS founders — and at the same time, I’m seeing my own community of peers raise their hands to help me do it.

So, as I said, we’re taking applications now, and this is going to be a small, intimate group of highly committed SaaS founders — so we’re not going to be able to accept every application (I know! I wish we could! But we want every person we work with to have the best possible chance for success!).

Once we fill those seats, that’s it.

Which is to say:

If you’re curious and think having a SaaS growth & community building expert like me, and a marketing expert like Alaura, plus a close cadre of peers who are going through the same things you are would be helpful, check out our Customer Obsession Mastermind page.

If you know someone who might be interested, would you be willing to let them know please? (If you want to help support us via Twitter, click to tweet.)

And if you’re like “stop talking about your Mastermind already Nichole! I want to learn more about SaaS in general” Don’t worry — I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!

Class starts on August 28th!

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

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