Presenting Collaboratively with Prezi

My group of three took the information we’d pieced together on our imaginary makerspace and displayed it in a presentation-friendly way using Prezi. This was my second time using Prezi. I’d used it for a presentation in my School Libraries Management class last month, as an experiment to get to know this platform. That time, I didn’t really like it. It was almost too responsive. If I clicked the wrong spot on the screen, even if only by a millimeter, a new text box popped up. Using my laptop trackpad, it was all too easy to mis-click, so most of my time was spent being frustrated.

This time, I liked Prezi a lot better. My teammate chose the template and started it, and it was very easy for me to continue using the same themes and layout. That is sometimes trickier with Powerpoint, where an accidental font change or formatting shift throws off the cohesivity. Also, it was so, so nice having such a collaboration-friendly platform. With a simple share, it was easy to add to or edit what other people had done. No saving, attaching, resaving, lather, rinse, repeat. Phewph! Also, this time, I used my work computer, which does have a separate mouse. This made the responsivity issue a lot less dramatic, though it was still a bit irritating.

Moving forward, I think I’ll consider using Prezi for future collaborations. At the very least, if someone else proposes it, I won’t object! I still am not sold on its user interface. Also, while I like the Prezi style of zooming in and out, I think it can be a little bit too much. Because this style is so distinct, I feel it takes away from the uniqueness of the content and can be distracting. Sometimes, it almost makes me motion-sick to watch. In fact, for this assignment, part of my job was to verify the pricing information, so I had to click in and out of our entire presentation. There was lots of bouncing around, and it gave me a bit of a headache to do it as quickly as I wanted to go.

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