Pointing Out a Flaw in a “Flawless” Show Makes You the Devil

I am a writer.

I found a show, Marvel's Jessica Jones, that I enjoy, but found a couple of unable to ignore plot/character motivation errors. Me pointing them out and using examples is something some disagree with and that’s okay.

What is not okay?

Deciding that because I have a problem with the craft of the writing on certain latter episodes of the Jessica Jones series I have been accused of:

· Lack of awareness of rape victims or their struggles

· Accused of not watching the same show

· Just not comprehending that the lead is being portrayed as a flawed human and I just don’t comprehend flawed characters in writing

Perhaps I spend too much time working on my writing, in book form and screenplay, watching for beats hit, tone, pace, character motivation, plot structure to follow and to avoid.

Perhaps it’s my fault for looking to better my work while in the company of friends that have been on the USA Today and NY Times Bestsellers lists that make me step up my game and see our craft in a higher light.

Perhaps it’s my fault for being able to appreciate a writer’s work, but being pragmatic enough to also see a glaring flaw and either chose to ignore it or if it’s repeated speak up.

You can really enjoy a show, point out an issue and still like the show. Yes, I am certain I’m not alone.

When I point out pros and cons of a show I do not need to prove my street cred of being a rape survivor or living with the daily struggles of PTSD. Just because I do not walk around like the walking wounded, does not mean I don’t have a comprehension of PTSD and violent trauma.

It just means that after dealing with such bullshit I’ve spent the last 30 years applying the tools I’ve learned in therapy and mistakes and lessons learned in life on how to function without letting my past pains define me now. So please do not “explain” to me about how a rape survivor processes and lives.

Oh and mad props to my therapists and friends and family that were compassionate, but pushed me to move forward in my life! *fist bump*

Writing is a business; a craft; an analyzing of written work on the screen. My thoughts on the show are not an Oprah special.

Your trauma and your connection with this fine series is great. It’s gotten a lot of people talking about consent and being accountable for one’s actions. But note that the criticism I have about the show is NOT about your rape. It is not about YOUR trauma. It is NOT about you. It is not my business to hear about your rape, nor my right to analyze it or pick it apart.

My focus is on the writing of the show.

I am a writer and I analyze my peers work because I go into every person’s work with the mindset of treating them as if I’m watching my best friend’s work.

It takes a lot to put your work out there and even more effort to get it out in front of people. Mad props to all the writer’s not waiting for inspiration and luck to help their career. With this said, let’s talk about Jessica Jones, shall we?