Get Shit Done QUICKLY — 2 Steps to Be a Productivity BEAST!

How do you master productivity? It’s easier than you think, actually. This is something that works for anything you are doing, whether you are doing assignments at school, proofreading documents at work, checking financial statements, cleaning up your room, doing PowerPoint slides for your next presentation, etc.
You get the picture, it will definitely work in your case.

In fact, I had many PowerPoint presentations to make. They ended up in a total of over 200 slides. YUCK!

The first day I worked for an hour finishing 5 PowerPoint slides. 5 SIMPLE slides! I was falling asleep working so slow, I wasn’t getting anywhere whatsoever!

Then I discovered these 2 stupidly simple steps to hugely increase productivity.

I instantly implemented the 2 steps and it was pure magic!

In about 3 hours, I made 60 slides. 20 slides per hour as opposed to 5. In other words, I made 300% more work in the same time.

How to increase your productivity

The technique is fairly common, actually. It’s called The Pomodoro Technique.

Step 1:
Work for 25 minutes non-stop, no distractions.

Step 2:
Take a 5-minute break.

Step 3:

Important things to know

This works better without distractions. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you don’t want to be working on 5 different things inside one period of 25 minutes. In order for this to work, you need to put all your focus on one task at a time.

If you get really hungry, it can be a productivity killer too. Taking a longer break eating lunch or dinner will get rid of the hunger distraction.

After a lot of 25 minutes, your brain can get exhausted. Calling the day on the same task assuming the task is really big will get rid of that exhaustiveness. But, if you have something else you can do, switching up tasks can help your brain get new energy. However, always remember to work on the same thing for 25 minutes, else you are gonna lose your focus. 
If you finish a task after 20 minutes, don’t stress about taking a break after 20 minutes instead of 25 minutes. And don’t stress about taking a 10-minute break sometimes either.

Focus is the key to productivity

Focus, Focus, Focus and more Focus! That’s how to avoid distractions and be way more productive. These 2 terms are pretty related. Without focus, you have distractions and little to no productivity. With focus, you have no distractions and great productivity.

So does this really work immediately when put into action?
It not only works immediately, it immediately TRANSFORMS you into a productivity machine!

Implement this productivity hack today and see your productivity increase like crazy!

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