Now we know why VR won’t mature anytime soon.
Prashanth Nimmagadda

The price right now will have little to no effect on it’s success. People who want VR right now, already have $1000 gaming machines, or at least a machine capable with minimal upgrades. It is unfair to count the cost of the PC against VR, as most gamers who want VR already have enough. Plus, we don’t hold the cost of a PC against individual peices of hardware, or software. We don’t say a gaming monitor is too expensive, because PCs are already expensive. That makes no sense.

The Price WILL go down.. But this is the first consumer VR headset, and it’s cutting edge.. New technology devices like this always cost around this much, when they’re new. Heck, new smartphones still cost more than this.

VR will do just fine, I saved up for it, and I can’t wait. Already have multiple friends also buying one.

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