The Pre New Year’s Resolution

Today is New Year’s Eve and there’s a lot of talk about new year’s resolutions.

I like the optimism of approaching the new year with fresh hope and motivation. New year, new goals etc. But maybe we’re selling good old 2015 a little short.

If you’re anything like me you’ll wake up tomorrow from a deep slumber, craving blue gatorade, a bag of salt and vinegar chips and the motivation to do nothing but spend the day in bad watching Netflix. It’s not exactly the breakfast of champions for a budding new years resolver.

Here’s a better idea — let’s squeeze any last bit of productivity into 2015 (better late than never). To end off the year, I’m writing my first ever Medium post (nailed the pre-new years resolution) with a list of my favourite reads from the past year (yay! 2015 was awesome).

Hope you enjoy reading the post and hopefully it’s the start of many more posts to come.

Favourite books of 2015

  1. Design Is A Job — Mike Monteiro
  2. Men Who Stare At Goats — Jon Ronson
  3. The Chrysalids — John Wyndham
  4. School Of Life 1 — Alain de Botton
  5. Mastery—Robert Greene
  6. How Much Is Enough? — Robert Skidelsky & Edward Skidelsky

Favourite articles of 2015

  1. What’s the Difference between time and attention? A lot. — Jason Fried
  2. The Webs Grain — Frank Chimero
  3. Women in Design Share Keys to Creative Confidence—Maria Molfino
  4. The Cake is a Lie—Tobias van Schneider
  5. The Death of Thought — M G Siegler
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