Mind Hacking!

It was the day of testing to see if I can turn on and off an LED light with my mind. I’m sitting down with Nelson next to me trying to turn on and off this light. we had to go over the code and test about 3 times because a lot of times it crashed which is frustrating. Anyways we tested for about 30 min and it was so annoying because something wasn’t working so that took a while which is never fun.
During the last test the most amazing thing happened. I actually lit up the LED light with my mind. when I saw it I was so excited, happy, and amazed. so we tested again at first it didn’t work but then the funniest thing happened. I yawned and it light up ad Nelson was laughing like crazy while Willie was running over to us trying to film it but couldn’t. So we did it again and every single camper was watching and amazed they were all gasping but then Nelson told them to be quiet which i needed because I am never calm with 20 kids screaming. To me this was the coolest thing I have ever done. my next goal is to try to open and close a gate with my mind. how awesome is that?