A Vision for 2027: The Educational Ecosystem as Innovation Hub.

A few days ago someone asked me to describe him what do I expect from iYouth Lab for the next 10 years, and how our venture is going to be and what we will introduce to the rest of the world.

Is is so simple when you can already have a taste of your vision…

In 10 years from now iYouth Lab will have connected the whole academic ecosystem globally. University students from all around the world will innovate even more, and student teams will be the most promising startups out there. iYouth Lab will have created the right ecosystem to help innovation coming from younger and younger minds, accelerate.

The platform will become the first place where innovation will happen and will be showcased, and every potential investor who is looking for the right team, will be a “project hunter” in iYouth Lab. The platform will have created the global research graph. This Research Graph will not only showcase how countries, universities, students and R&Ds collaborate with each other and in what disciplines, but it will also project the research and innovation status of the next 5 years.

With the help of IoT technologies, academics will not just find each other and work at the same projects. They will connect their data with research devices or even 3D printers, in order to create their actual project. For example, a university students from USA who will work on a software algorithm for a robotic arm, will find another university students from Japan who will work on the hardware part and design. These students will send their data, through IoT integration, to a 3D printer in Amsterdam and make their project manifest. And with the help of VR glasses this collaboration will be more efficient than ever.

BrainStorm, will be the most powerful AI machine for education. BrainStorm will help with innovation ideas and with the help of advanced NLP/NLU, the machine will be able to solve research problems, based on the huge amount of Big data it will have gathered, and the ability to understand correlations of the data in real life. The machine will deeply understand each user, and it will suggest the right collaborations at the right projects.

iYouth Lab will be one of the first 3D platforms, that will actually take advantage of the VR and AR capabilities in the most effective way. Because of this technology, academics will be able to work in big teams virtually, in complex projects, from multiple facilities from all over the world. That way, with the help of IoT, live experiments will take place that require different set of skills and different infrastructures to combine forces.

iYouth Lab will offer the best ecosystem for research and innovation through younger and younger minds.

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