The need for Innovation as a Culture (IaaC).

As we’ve already mentioned, our team is currently working on a project that will have as key value, the collaboration of students and professors in research projects in a way that has never happened before.

But why do we want to do that? What would such a community offer to the rest of the world?

The answer is simple:

This community will be the mechanism that will spread the “culture of innovation”, as we like to call it, among university students around the globe.

The idea is that; right now most university students do not make use of their knowledge, talents and skills in trying to create their own innovative projects and explore new scientific ways while studying at the university. Most university students do not make use of their advantage of having around them such a solid infrastructure, which would allow brilliant minds to work together.

…BUT!…on the other hand..

However, there are, indeed, millions of students around the world working on innovative projects, questioning their theories, while trying to use science in order to take the world one step further.

Our vision is to help these people find each other and create inspirational projects together!

Now, imagine a global community where all these innovative projects would be accessible by ALL students. Imagine the students looking at such projects and thinking “F@@@! I want to do the same”. Just take a second, and try to imagine how many new projects will be born after this kind of inspiration, and how the very definition of a start-up is going to change.

All university students will have the opportunity to live in a community full of possibilities, that will inspire and capacitate them to bring their ideas to life.
This is the culture that we want to pass on to all the university students.

The culture of innovation (IaaC).

….To be Continued….

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