Will a global student’s platform help?…

You know what?…

I am 28 and I cannot stop thinking of ways to make an impact in this world. I am not saying that I’ve made it, but I know that I have to. And not because I can, or because of the wonderful worldwide call for innovation…. but because I continuously study and work on what I love.

And that’s exactly what a young person should do. When you love what you do, eventually you become really good at it. And that’s the point where you can develop it further…. and bang!!! Humanity is one step forward because of you. And that’s what making an impact is really about.

We live in times where every University student should be a “scientist”. Whether is Marketing, Physics or Mathematics , every student should observe, learn, test and most importantly QUESTION the “old ways”. Every student should try innovative solutions, should make mistakes, should spit out every “crazy” idea that he/she has in mind, and eventually taste the beauty of creation. This amazing feeling of putting your thoughts οn the table, connecting the dots and giving the world the opportunity to see a problem fixed.

And you know the outcome of an impact right?

To put is simply….

The young scientists are the ones who will decide if cancer will continue to be an issue, if energy will continue to come from, this 100 years-old thing called “burning stuff and polluting everything”, and if the Death Star could be a reality in the next 100 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that young University students have a lot to learn in order to be able to fully understand scientific laws and use them or develop them….

But is this really the case?

Tell that to the junior high school student who built his own robot by using a 3D printer. Is he a genius or did he do what he loved? Could we help the young students find their passion and then let them do their thing? Could we lead every young student where he really belongs? Could we show them how easy it is nowadays to search for their passion?

That is one of our goals in iFuture. To help spread the innovative projects of University students. Our “bang!!!” is coming…

If you are a University student that runs or wants to run a project with a Professor in your University, it is time to have a look at our platform’s website www.iyouthlab.com. The beta version will be released soon.

But what is iYouth Lab?

iYouth Lab is a consumer internet platform made for university students, alumni, professors, Universities and research centers. A purely academic CV for students. In this platform university students can showcase, promote and create their collaborations with students and professors in research projects. A research project could be an assignment, a real-market research for business, a dissertation and any other scientific project, or team project that is being developed through collaborations among students and professors.

That way a global community will be developed, in which, the students and professors will be able to find other students and professors that work on similar projects, as well as, create their own educational bio (Academic CV) in a purely academic context. Through this global interaction among University students, innovation could be promoted, and more and more university students will want to start their own project in their university, and as result more and more start-ups will begin in universities.

We expect your thoughts about the project, and of course your email to have your account created when the platform will be ready. You can visit www.iyouthlab.com for more info.

More news to come soon, so stay tuned!

…To be continued…

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