How Possibility Thinking Can Change Your Life

Stink in Thinking

When one wakes and draws first breath, is that air enough to sooth the sorrow of the parody of the next? Is that whiff akin to a spring meadow or nigh the detritus of a bog? How soon are you excited by this reality, that you spring into action, as though impetus were loaned you like a lofty speech sold by crafty charlatan?

So it is with thinking. The sooner you subscribe to thoughts that abhor ill and harbour possibility, the sooner you escape life's shackles. Robert Frost aptly details a change in thinking in 'The road not taken' and later reaps its benefits.

As children we are smothered by loving parents, if any, who in their wisdom do all to protect and nurture. How far does the shadow of their wings protect or limit us? We are taught fear and to limit risk which which becomes our 'tar baby'.

We then lead lives of 'safety first' failing to see how much we limit 'possibility thinking'.

As you retire to a sweet repose, as the cacophony of life draws its hiatus, examine your day. What new thing have you done? What new thinking have you employed? What have you learned today? Are you happy with your thinking? Are you thinking at all at? Who is thinking for you? Is it possible that you are thinking along with the crowd of sheep heading over the cliff? Maybe a change of thinking is that which will stop you, and me from the continual sinking; employ an change of thinking.

Shane Sinclair-Positive Thinking

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