I am happy to announce that our Green team has been strengthened by Huda Olsson joining us as a Director of customer solutions.

Huda has over 25 years of experience across oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transport and energy sectors. She has worked in leadership roles, developing strong client solutions in Australia, Asia and Europe. Huda has a strong sense of challenges and opportunities facing organisations aiming to improve sustainability and energy performance.

As a Director of customer solutions, Huda is entrusted with leading the creation of long-term value for WePower globally through the development and growth of customer solutions.

I am delighted to welcome Gary Gupta to WePower who will be leading our activities in the The Asia-Pacific region. APAC has become our center for product development due to natural conditions of the market that is the front-runner in integrating renewable energy into the grid faster than any other region in the world.

Gary’s background is in Energy Retail Operations and Sales with 15 years experience. …

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Corporate sustainability initiatives are increasingly important as corporate and industrial clients account for two-thirds of the global energy consumption. Various organizations such as RE100 and Science Based Targets unite climate-conscious corporates with the goal in mind that everyone reaches their targets.

Science-Based Targets holds pledges from more than 400 companies committing to net-zero emissions targets by 2050. These companies represent more than $8.6T in combined market cap. RE100 consists of 290 large global businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. Two-thirds of RE100 members forecast to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030. …

There’s a saying that there are two types of problems — good and bad ones. Let me give you an example of both. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the largest asset manager globally, recently told that in order to reach global sustainability goals, all companies will have to change their business models and adapt to climate-compatible operations. This is a good problem to have because by the time we reach this point, the progress towards full sustainability will already be significant, and momentum will be strong.

However, we can’t create this good problem without a concrete plan on enabling companies…

Last year WePower started partnering with Utilities and Energy Retailers in Australia to help them offer their clients sustainable energy procurement directly from local green energy producers.

Based on these partnerships, we’ve developed WePower Elemental — a utility-scale platform for the wholesale green energy procurement and the management of green energy products.

WePower Elemental — a utility-scale platform for the wholesale green energy procurement and the management of green energy products.

Today I’m excited to announce that we formally handed over a version of Elemental to Mojo power. It’s the first fully-featured deployment of Elemental in the Australian market.


We launched WePower back in 2017 with a mission to remove obstacles for everyone to use renewable energy and advance the transition towards a sustainable energy future. Having worked more than ten years in various leading positions within the energy markets of Europe, we knew that it won’t be a small task.

Although our end goal is to enable a global change towards fully sustainable energy, we are committed to helping this transition for everyone. By everyone, we mean EVERYONE — from government, large scale industrial energy consumers, and even residential energy consumers.

This is why WePower was designed to…

Today I am delighted to finally share with you some updates on the developments that will help WePower broaden our global impact on the transition towards a fully sustainable future.

Three years ago, we set out on a mission to remove the obstacles that were preventing anyone and everyone from using renewable energy and to make advances in the transition towards a fully sustainable future.

The most straightforward way to accomplish a sustainable future is by directly contributing to the further development of increasing capacity for the generation of renewable energy. Due to the significant drop in prices of renewable…

I remember when I started in renewables in 2009, and what were the Levelized costs of energy back then.

Today the cost of renewables is still dropping. “Since 2010, the cost of energy has dropped by 82% for photovoltaic solar, by 47% for concentrated solar energy (CSP) which never took off and could not compete with photovoltaics, by 39% for onshore wind and by 29% for wind offshore,” stated IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) in its recent report. Improved technology, economies of scale, supply chain competitiveness, and the growing experience of developers have driven down the costs.

In fact, the…

Climate change is probably the biggest challenge that humankind has to face. While we have spent years pouring money into different sustainability initiatives, it is clear that they are not getting us very far. We need to work on removing the obstacles in the fundamental energy market that are holding back the bigger transition.

Even though energy markets are in general extremely complicated (regulations, politics, infrastructure, etc.), we should focus on two key trends:

1. Corporate and industrial consumers are consuming two thirds of global energy

2. Green energy prices are dropping heavily everywhere in the world

These are significant trends that when amplified, will drastically speed up the global energy transition. We have found a way to bring all the market participants…

There are over 50,000 registered data centres in Australia that account for a whole 4% of the country’s energy consumption. Energy is the largest operational cost for data centres (on average 20%), and a large chunk of it is passed on to their customers.

For an industry as energy-intensive as the data centre business, having the option to engage in reliable, transparent, and flexible green energy procurement, is a game-changer.

In recent years, data centres started to balance their energy mix and many have set solid sustainability targets. However, the recent pandemic has led to significant and unexpected fluctuations in…

Nikolaj Martyniuk

CEO, Co-Founder WePower

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