Produce Bio Briquettes From Agriculture And Jungle Waste

The way of getting valuable renewable fuel from the waste by recycling is the most successful way to save our planet from variety of risks and global warming. So, the biomass briquetting is the new method which uses the same idea and offer the eco bio fuel from the agriculture and the jungle/forest waste.

The biomass briquettes made up through recycling of wood chips, tree leaves and other crop waste can be directly used in burning and heating application in the industries. The wood waste briquettes have the highest calorific value more than ordinary coals or fossils. The green briquette maker machine makes bio briquettes without use of any adhesives or binders. So, the biomass briquette plant machines are latest economical and eco-friendly energy conventional equipment in this industrial era.

recycling briquetting plant

The biomass briquetting machine technology is a cost effective one that needs lower maintenance and opertation cost. The bio waste and woody energy sources are easily being converted into the solid fuel with the help of this green technique. Hence, the 90% problems of the waste management and pollution can be sorted through such energy plant. Also, this cost-saving plant can reduce the efforts of transportation and storage of the fuel briquettes.

This type of wood energy fuel can help in to the enhancement of the environment health, curtailment of GHGs and deforestation. In addition, it is a useful way to reduce trash and waste management related efforts easily. The briquettes prepared through the agro-waste briquette machines able to satisfy the energy demands. Therefore, this solid green briquettes are strong alternative to fossils available at cheap rate.

The cheap rate and energy saving project helps in providing the fuel at low rate to rural people and also to the manufacturing units where the black coals are banned to use. So, the energy resource from wood waste is a new technology through environment and eco system can be preserved.

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