Next on Nillion: The Nucleus Builders Program

3 min readJan 18, 2024

Nillion is on a mission to decentralize high value data across a wave of new web3 use cases and industries. Today the Nillion team is taking another big step towards achieving this goal by launching Nucleus, a builders program aimed at fostering the development and growth of high value data focused applications.

From the earliest beginnings, Nillion has had an intense focus on building out its ecosystem. Over the past two years, the ecosystem and BD teams have engaged with 200+ promising projects and founders that expressed interest in being part of the Nillion journey.

Nucleus is Nillion’s first step in bringing this ecosystem to life. Through the insights gathered from speaking with many brilliant projects, a builders package has been created that is designed to provide essential support for projects building on Nillion.

The Genesis Cohort: From Ideas to Reality

Nillion is proud to introduce the Genesis Cohort of builders…

  • Rainfall is the first self-sovereign, privacy-preserving AI platform enabling anyone to access their own personal intelligence model and earn economic value from their data, safely and securely.
  • Traceflo is the first DePIN Aggregator platform, offering extensive platform independent APIs for integrating decentralized protocols into existing industrial applications.
  • Choose K is building a private order book that accepts and keeps market buy/sell orders hidden until the matching engine approves and facilitates execution.
  • Maya health is on a mission to chart sage and effective psychedelic practices, so that everyone has the opportunity to access and benefit from psychedelic-assisted healing.
  • Fractal allows organizations to progressively decentralize their treasuries using (Gnosis) safe modules to create sub-DAOs and to add new types of governance to each of the treasuries. Furthermore, Fractal is building a private DAO voting solution.
  • Decent DAO is an on-chain privacy-focused builder collective accelerating the decentralization of vital institutions and is behind Fractal, Lumeproof, and Sarcophagus.
  • Verida is a self-sovereign private data network for web3
  • Mailchain is a multi-protocol platform for sending and receiving messages between blockchain addresses.
  • NilChat is a highly secure platform for messaging and data sharing.
  • Flux is a fully distributed, human-centred platform that facilitates social coordination with greater privacy, agency, and flexibility.
  • Kagami is an advanced self custody platform made simple through an intuitive turnkey interface.
  • NilQuantum is building a password storage system — akin to a decentralized LastPass.

The Genesis Cohort of builders is already building with the Nillion SDK. The SDK includes an installable version of Nillion’s Nada programming language and a program simulator to execute Nada programs. It includes Python and Javascript clients that interface directly with an NMC network. It also includes a development version of the Nillion network that can be run locally, serving as a preliminary step to building on the soon-to-be-released public testnet.

Nillion will continue adding projects to the Genesis Cohort through to the beginning of April. If you are a builder or project interested in building on Nillion, click on the application link below and fill out your details.