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UX Designer, nothing else. Internet is all that matters. I try to be funny when I write and love hyperboles.

The First Step of Redesigning the Apegroup Website

Week 1: Establishing core teams and starting the project

The User is Always Wrong

A designers job is to change behaviour to the better, not to enable behaviour that is less optimal.

I’m a UX Designer and I…

The <frame> web design trend

Two sections on a website that scroll separately is now the coolest thing on the block.

Publications edited by Nils Sköld

The Apegroup Blog. We are a digital agency in Sweden, with a main focus on mobile solutions. Designing and building for mobility and a life in motion.

A collection of texts by Nils Sköld, on the things I love. That is user experience, web services and creative work in general. I aim to post a new essay every week for all of 2014.

The Apegroup Blog

Slideshows are dead, long live the fullscreen video.

Horizontal sliders suck, videos however don’t.

The Future of e-Commerce Lies in Affiliation Programs.

You know, the semantic web and that sort of things.

Websites that Predict Your Move is the Next Big Thing.

The next step towards a customer tailored web

Experience Slows You Down

You don’t change an industry you know all about

Whenever I hear the words “I have years of experience in this field so…” I always brace…

Storytelling on the About Us Page

The future of the most important part of any corporates website in the years to come.

The return of the QR code.

Could the ugly black and white block make a comeback?

Whenever I mention QR codes, people laugh. It’s not so strange as it is the…

Why drop-down lists are bad for the user experience.

An industry standard that makes no sense at all.