Natural Hair needs Natural Products

How to do Natural Hair on a Budget!

We’ve had an abundance of people asking about transitioning to natural hair and the one common dilemma everyone around the topic seems to be facing at the moment is what products to use.

But here’s the deal.

We think it just makes pure, unadulterated sense that Mother Nature knows best. Who better to help us all convert to natural hair than this beautiful planet we’re all so lucky to inhabit?

No one, that’s who and the best part is?

We were all born natural but with the added substances and chemicals we so commonly use by way of hair dyes, hairsprays and gels and the adverse effects of harsh unnatural drying mechanisms such as straightening or curling irons and hairdryers, it isn’t surprising that our hair is starting to let us know.

Dry, brittle hair is an adverse effect many of us have had to deal with at one (and more likely, many) points in our life. You only need to flick on your television to be bombarded with the hundreds of ads promising you the hair you were born with after a couple of tries of whatever product they’re trying to sell. But the question is — will they work?

Will unnatural substances really help with healing your hair and scalp?

It sounds silly, right?

But have you ever really analysed the labels of the countless “healing” solutions available on your supermarket shelves? How many of the products vying for your desperate attention are truly natural, the way Nature intended?

In fact, you may be surprised to find that many of the supposedly “natural” products you purchase (content in your belief that you’ll only be using natural ingredients on your body) may actually shock you.

Natural is a word everyone likes to throw around these days but it is one that has until recently, been unfairly exploited. Though rules and regulations around labelling standards have definitely become stricter over the past few years, there are still a substantial amount of businesses that are not using the terminology the way they should be.

When it comes to natural and organic products, it’s definitely better to err on the side of caution. Make sure to read the labels before your purchase a product claiming to be natural and educate yourself on the ingredients. With Google handy to nearly all of us now, it takes a total of five seconds flat to conduct a search on an item and remember, just because you may not be able to pronounce an ingredient or it looks suspiciously chemical in nature, doesn’t mean it isn’t natural. Basically, be informed when you buy!

What you put in your body is just as important

Just last week, over a cup of tea and coffee with a group of friends, we were discussing how many of us won’t think twice before popping something that looks scrumptious in our mouths for a taste but that we become very distrustful when we’re asked to try a sample of cream or lotion on our hand or a new hair regime.

Logically, when we truly think this through, we‘re sure you’d agree that this reaction is ludicrous! We’re not understating the importance of making sure we use natural products on our body but what we put inside of our body is just as imperative. Allergies and adverse reactions can occur either way, as a topical application on your skin, hair and nails or by way of internal consumption.

Why does this matter?

Because all the adverse things happening to our bodies right now, whether that be premature ageing, breakouts, rough hair, deteriorated hair growth, excessive hair fall, anything really, chances are a lot of it has to do with what we put into our bodies.

As a passionate advocate for Certified Organic and Organic foods, we can’t lie; we really do believe that this is the only way to go when caring for our bodies as we always maintain, it’s Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body.

We also believe that Nature has the solution to all of the issues commonly faced by all living things, mankind included, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on Affordable Organic Products so that all of us can reap the benefits of what we know to be every living thing’s birth right — Mother Nature’s touch.

In light of this, we are also aware that many do not believe in the concept of Certified Organic and Organic foods which is okay. Ensuring that you and your family eat fresh and natural produce predominantly with a minimal emphasis on processed, frozen and canned meals will keep your hair lustrous and healthy. So much so that even the occasional fast food meal is unlikely to put a dent in your natural mantra armour.

De-Stress your life and your hair will thank you

It is common knowledge that stress has a tremendous negative effect on our hair, skin and nails. Though it’s all well and good to order your body to stop stressing, the reality is that this is one of those cases when it’s easier said than done.

But like everything in life, we can certainly try to make a positive change and Nature is here to help.

Massage is a wonderful way to relax our bodies, mind and for many of us, our souls. In fact, a good massage can truly be spiritual. Using a wide range of natural oils like these ensure that your body is being gifted with a multitude of benefits and advantages.

Traditional Indian Head massages have been used in ancient India through Ayurveda for centuries due to their innumerable benefits for the hair and general inner health. Many who oil their hair attest to feeling like something’s missing if they stop or become irregular as the scalp and hair become accustomed to being moisturised on a daily or weekly basis.

Indians are often revered for their hair and this is mostly due to the natural substances they spoil their scalps with on a daily basis. Using completely natural colouring alternatives like Henna and Indigo don’t only take care for greys naturally, they are also an excellent alternative to many of the other issues we commonly face such as dandruff, dry and brittle hair and a lack of condition and shine amongst many more benefits.

The Best Natural Oils for Hair

Coconut Oil and Amla Oil are staple oils used for the scalp in families across India.

Warmer climate area in South and East Indian regions normally use coconut oil for an added shine to hair and as a conditioning alternative that is chemical free and completely natural. Coconut Oil tends to solidify in colder conditions which is why it is a better alternative in warmer areas.

Mustard Oil is used extensively in the North Indian region for thick, long hair that is lustrous. Though Mustard Oil has a strong, unique odour, if you can cope with it, use of this oil tends to leave your hair feeling soft and easily manageable.

Other amazing oils for your hair are Jojoba Oil, Ashwagandha Oil, Black Sesame Seed Oil and Cumin Seed Oil (to mention a few). Brahmi Oil is also excellent for invigorating the mind while Almond Oil is wonderful for those dryer months when the scalp tends to be itchier and dandruff strikes.

For those of you who are converted, here is a list of comprehensive oils that are excellent for both the skin and hair!

Why Natural Hair is Achievable and the Best Alternative for Amazing Locks

Natural Hair isn’t only more manageable, less expensive in the long run and has a tendency to look wonderful (even when you haven’t had the time for a quick blow dry) — it truly is the best option for your hair.

Using natural products on your scalp ensures that the pores of your skin aren’t taking in any nasty chemicals or harsh substances into your system and vital organs. We are sure you’d agree that there has to be a reason so many women are warned against using chemical filled hair dyes during their pregnancy. If it’s not right for new life, why should it be right for you?

Natural Oils and ingredients have been used for centuries when taking care of the hair and the numerous advantages are well documented, having surpassed the tests of time and advancement in medical science.

Let’s start listening to our ancestors and most importantly, our planet, when it comes to taking care of our spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Chances are Mother Earth really does know best!

Have you ever used Natural Products for your Hair? Please share your experiences with us and our other readers.

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