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This is How the Most Gorgeous People in the World stay Beautiful

If you know anything about us, you know we’re obsessed about nature.

And that’s putting it mildly. It’s an understatement really.

But here’s the deal.

Are we the only ones?

You know how it’s easy to believe that the rest of the world is exactly like you because you spend so much time in your head?

Well we started becoming a little self-conscious about whether we were the only ones as in love with Mother Nature as we are.

Why does this matter?

Because one, it turned out we aren’t crazy. Well not completely anyway.

But that’s not all.

We got to talking to some of the most internationally recognised stunning people in the world to get their take on Nature and whether it truly is all that.

Want to know how the story ends?

Read on.

The Bachelor Girls are in the House.

Let’s face it, few of us can claim to being Bachelor immune. Who isn’t glued to their television sets when the girls battle it out for their one true love’s attention?

What’s that we hear?

The sound of crickets, that’s what.

How can you actually use this?

Hold your horses, we’re getting to it.

Any girl who’s on screen for as long as the Bachelor ladies are in all their happiness, tear jerking sadness and sometimes the occasional cat fight who still looks that good has obviously been dropped onto Earth from Zeus’ heavenly abode accidentally.

What other possible, viable explanation could there be, right?


It turns out, following extensive hours of gruelling, back breaking research; we can in fact declare the Bachelor girls to be human. Just like the rest of us.

We know. Bizarre but true.

Those flawless beauties are just like you and us; they just wear their faces and bodies stunningly.

But don’t fret. The secret we’re about to let you in on is going to blow your mind.

Nature is for everyone, even semi Goddesses.

Ex Australian Bachelor contestant, Mary O’Neill claims to be 100% natural all the way. The Aussie beauty from down under is spending her days leading the way in the popular International Country Music scene. For more about her enthusiastic love and sincerity towards Mother Nature and all her creations, make sure to visit her site at Honey on the Railroad.

It warms the heart to see and be enlightened on how with a little Natural help; all of us can aspire to be as beautiful as Mary is!

If we can attest to finally finding someone else who can give us a run for our money when it comes to our pathological adoration for nature, it would have to be previous American Bachelor contestant, Breanne Rice. Follow Breanne on Instagram now.

Breanne has been so enthralled by Mother Nature; she has actually made it her full time job. Few of us could compete with that amount of nature passion and true flower power! Breanne has a special personal story that set her on her special path towards embracing our Earth and all its magical, natural remedies.

As a child, she suffered from severe digestive issues and at just nineteen, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, vitiligo alongside a plethora of food allergies. Though this diagnosis would make most of us curl into a ball of self-despair and depression, Breanne decided to fight against the disease through what can only be termed as superhuman determination — she is a true inspiration and positive role model for all of us.

Via a complete lifestyle change that was more aligned to nature, all of Breanne’s digestive issues began to work themselves out and over fifty percent of her skin started to receive its pigmentation back. Best of all, the constant pain Breanne had to persevere through started to dissipate. This led the way to Breanne’s intense passion for Nature, specifically fuelling her passionate love for nutrition and its pertinent relationship with digestion, immunity and allergies. As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, Breanne now works with clients across the globe at her business, Breanne Rice Holistic Health and has been published in many articles and magazines such as Mind Body Green and South Sound Magazine.

What’s Breanne’s real story?

Here it is, from Breanne herself.

Take it away, Breanne …

“I started getting into natural products in my early twenties, when I was diagnosed with vitiligo (an autoimmune disease where your skin attacks its own pigment cells, and you lose pigmentation) and multiple allergies. My vitiligo started as a white patch around my eye, then spread rapidly causing me to lose over half of the pigmentation on my face. When dealing with an over active immune system, it’s even more crucial that you’re using products that are not filled with chemicals and toxins. The skin is the body’s largest organ, making it just as important to take care of naturally.”

We couldn’t agree more, Breanne. When asked what we’d find on the stunner’s dressing room table, we were thrilled with her response.

“When shopping for products, I always look for ingredients I can pronounce”, Breanne told us. “I have a skin care line I work with who a friend started based in Santa Barbara California, and it’s done wonders for me. She uses all-natural ingredients that come from nature, and my skin has never looked or felt better. I’m especially careful considering I have vitiligo on my face, so I do not put anything with chemicals or something that could trigger an immune reaction”.

When probed about Breanne’s commitment to natural remedies, she informed us that she is “an advocate for natural products” due to her role as a holistic nutritional therapy practitioner.

Most importantly, Breanne enlightened us on how imperative it is to be natural internally and externally in order to reap all the benefits Earth has to offer. “While I take care of myself naturally on the inside by eating the right foods, I also do just as thorough a job on the outside making sure I’m applying the healthiest products I can find. Also, I’m a huge advocate for skin products being that I have vitiligo on my face”.

So there you have it — absolute documented proof that Natural Products are the talk of the town with everyone, even gorgeous human beings like Breanne and Mary.

If you need any more encouragement to take the helping hand Mother Nature is dying to give you (though we’re positive you don’t), we thought we’d end with this inspirational comment Breanne left us with.

“I’m a huge advocate for loving yourself and encouraging women. We all have our imperfections and insecurities, but we cannot let them define us. At 19, I was diagnosed with vitiligo, and it spread rapidly causing me to lose over half of the pigment on my face. When I am exposed to the sun, it tans my healthy skin and leaves my vitiligo even more noticeable. I can only love myself, and not let my circumstances define my value or self-worth. What is the definition of beautiful anyway? Is it being perfect? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Perhaps you have a circumstance or something about yourself that you are insecure about. Don’t let it define you. You deserve love, and you are beautiful”.

We couldn’t have said it better. Remember, you are perfect, just the way Mother Nature intended and no one knows better than her so take care of yourself naturally and let that beauty shine!

And, as we always say here at Nim-Véda Australia — It’s Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body. For more on our philosophy and story, make sure to visit us at nimveda.com

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