On August 20th, 2021, FloydHub is shutting operations, and we are sorry to see them go. They have been an active part of the AI community for the last five years, setting benchmarks in the platform and MLOps space. We understand how important it is to get your crucial data migrated to some other service. This article is a step-wise guide on how you can migrate your data from FloydHub to NimbleBox.ai.

There are two different places where you can get your data, from the workspace or directly from the job.

Directly from your job on FloydHub

  1. Log onto floydhub.com, …

NimbleBox provides a multitude of features for your machine learning and artificial intelligence project needs.

In this 4 step process, you’ll learn to migrate all your projects from Google Colab to NimbleBox. Project migration has never been easier!

Step 1: Getting your Colab notebook link

In this instance, we’re assuming you wish to migrate only one Colab notebook to NimbleBox.

To import multiple Colab notebooks, read this article (coming soon).

Go to your Google Drive and open the ‘Colab Notebooks’ folder — where you’ll find all your Colab notebooks. Right click on the one you wish to export and click on Get shareable link.

It’s not automation of jobs we should be worried about, but accessibility of AI tech

The Paradigm

In 1965, the co-founder of Intel published a paper observing an odd phenomenon. Every year, the number of components per Integrated Circuit seemed to double. This meant circuits were getting smaller and cheaper, while compute was getting faster. In the decades to come, this trend was going to be the cornerstone of the technological revolution.

Four years later later, in 1969, a team funded by the US Department of Defense started working on inter-networking multiple networks to create a single larger network. …


One-Click GPU Setup for Deep Learning Projects on the Cloud

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