.............Syndrome of brain

The most unrecognized syndrome of the brain is the dream syndrome which is not related to SPACE but I thought that I should put it up in my blog. So let’s start it was said to me by my friends whose name is 😊 I cannot tell you. He told me when he starts to sleep he feels like he is in a theatre with walls made up of speakers with a screen in front of it. After some time he sees a man coming near him and the man starts to speak about his future, his past as well as present without asking him of all he had done today. He stated that the man is really mad his words are like " let’s begin with today’s torture hmmmm.... you have done a lot of time pass in school and also have wasted a lot of time in travelling" then a sudden pause have you lost your brain? the person asked, my friend said "nope". Then answer this " how many minutes are there in one hour?" My friend said "60". OK then think what if your watch is 2 min late and you need to go to tuition at 4:30pm and when the time is 4:25pm the watch shows 4:15pm (just assume) then till you reach your tuition you have wasted a lot of time this shows that in your life you are wasting a lot of time. REALLY yes you are right and WHOOSH 😵the man went away. Let me explain you why this kind of hell happened with him actually he is a guy which does not take any stress on his conscious mind but actually transferees it to his unconscious brain that is him right brain and the long term memory after a heap of stress the right brains tries to relive it and it comes in the form of his dreams as his left brain is dominant the right brain is not allowed to display the stress 😷 and goes 😵mad showing off the stress at night when the right brain is more dominant then the left brain. ACTUALLY IF IT HAPPENS TO YOU ALSO THEN PLEASE DO NOT PANIC I WILL TRY TO FIND THE SOLUTION OF IT AND WILL BE ON MY BLOG SOON. TILL THEN PLEASE TRY TO FIND HIS IDENTITY AND IF YOU FOUND THAT IT IS HAPPENING WITH YOU ALSO THEN PLEASE MAIL ME AND IF YOU CAUGHT THAT PERSONS IDENTITY WHO DOES THIS ALL OF YOU OR MAYBE WITH YOU THEN PLEASE WRITE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW IN MY BLOG.

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